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Benefits of Toll Blending

toll blending

Utilizing contract blending can have many benefits. By outsourcing chemical blending to Avion, you can manufacture more economically and efficiently. Some of the benefits of toll blending include more control over your labor costs, less waste and lower energy costs.

Depend on Avion for Your Overflow Production

Control labor cost by outsourcing to Avion when your orders exceed their production capacity. Rather than investing in a larger facility or staff in response to a temporary influx in business, rely on Avion for the blending and packaging of your formulations. Our scientists can accurately manufacture, package, and ship your formulations efficiently and economically to every major continent.

Choose Avion as Your Center for Production

Avion Manufacturing Company’s Ohio based facility is an ideal location for companies who need to provide chemical products to customers in the United States. We can manufacture and ship products from our facility at a substantially lower cost than a customer would incur by producing at their own plants and shipping a longer distance. At Avion, we specialize in shipping both nationally within the U.S. and globally to six continents.

Partner With Avion and Take Advantage of our Consulting Services

As chemical blending experts, we provide startup companies with assistance with their chemical formulations. Already have a perfected formula? We can save you the upfront costs associated with manufacturing and warehousing by producing your formulations at our facility.

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